What To Do If Your Paper Is Rejected

  1. Send an email to the conference chair stating that any competent reviewer (program chair) would have accepted the paper. Follow up with a phone call if necessary.
  2. If the conference allows an author rebuttal, then you should make the most of the opportunity to abuse and attack the reviewers, their students, their advisors, and all the people who work on the same continent. if your tirade does not fit in the word limit, just paste in a URL to your web page where the full 17 page reply resides.
  3. Put the paper at your webpage explaining that it was rejected from the conference and derive the conclusion that the whole conference is crap.
  4. Quote to all your friends how Godel had only 12 papers published in his lifetime to make yourself feel better.
  5. Present the paper at the accompanying workshops.
  6. Constantly refer to your unpublished paper in all your future work.
  7. Split the paper into two separate papers and submit them to lower quality conferences. Do not worry that there might not exist lower quality conferences; they will spring in to existence to fulfil the demand created by this rule as need.
  8. Re-submit a paper without any changes [helps, if there is a large overlap of program committee members].
  9. Write a book on the paper.
  10. Complain to big-shots at the next conference.
  11. Organise your own workshop on the topic.
  12. Change the title, abstract and some notation. Include a new graph. Resubmit.
  13. Change the list of authors (preferably including a big shot). Resubmit.
  14. Attend the conference anyway and hand out copies of the rejected paper.
  15. Actually read the reviewers comments and take them  into account. Abandon the paper if it has serious flaws.